Everyday Someone Will Ask About Vaping

Everyday Someone Will Ask About Vaping

In 2015, it may not yet be a household term but vaping is on the threshold of becoming vastly popular. Perhaps even more so than the smoking generation of the 1950s when some British television programs even showed chat show hosts, performing musicians and newsreaders lighting up a cigarette while entertaining the masses. And yes, nobody batted so much as an eyelid.

Vaping is the act of inhaling vapour from an electronic cigarette, vaporizer or mod using dry herbs, waxy substances, or e-juice. Inside the liquids there are essentially two types of glycerine: vegetable and propylene. Artificial flavouring is then added to give the user an enhanced aroma and taste of the vapour.

The Future of Vaping

In the near future, it will be common to see people gathered at huts outside restaurants, pubs, clubs and bars and even walking down the street vaping with mods or fancy e-cigs that resemble a walkie-talkie rather than a smoking tool. The Vapir Prima, Magic Flight and the Davinci Ascent vaporizer will soon be common sights across public places, as ex-smokers make moves to quit smoking, improve their health and start vaping.

Are there Benefits of Vaping against Smoking?

Of course there are; of the many benefits that vaping has over smoking, the one that stands out is your health. The likelihood of getting lung cancer or other smoking-related illnesses is well over 400 times lower when vaping compared to smoking. And just think of all those dirty ash trays that smell even after they have been emptied out.
Many ex-smokers and current smokers complain of burns receive from their cigarette butts. This has been a particularly difficult problem with roll up smokers, whose tiny smoke gets to the end so quickly, it catches the smoker out and burns the two fingers (usually the thumb and the index finger) holding the end.

Cost Effective in the End

When you look at a catalogue or an online website selling products like the Davinci Ascent, Magic Flight and Vapir Prima, you’ll be forgiven for gasping at the cost of these products. Yes, they will seem to be high at first, but there are two important things to remember: firstly, you are eliminating the combustion in its entirety, thereby theoretically reducing the associated affects of breathing in smoke; and secondly, the initial cost to you will soon be overtaken by the amount of tobacco you buy, often within two to three months of regular smoking.

Vaping as a Culture

Vaping as a Culture

Studies – most of which were taken in 2012 – have shown that the absence of smoke, combustion and chemical compositions, like those found in cigarettes and rolling tobaccos, in electronic cigarettes means there are LESS toxic chemicals created and absorbed. The studies also point out that e-cigs and vaping is a “safer alternative to smoking tobacco”.

Some studies have even calculated that vaping is over 400 times safer than tobacco smoking. And in many cases, the amount of harm an e-cig can do when compared to a cigarette is nothing more than a trace.

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Most vapers are ex-smokers. It has been estimated that around 75 per cent of those vaping now, once smoked. This means a lot of those people vaping were once non-smokers. Many would argue they are fools to start vaping when they never smoked, or had given up smoking for years. But think of it this way if you will; an ex-smoker will still have the odd craving for a cheeky ciggie up to seven years after giving up. There is always a chance that the wicked weed of tobacco and their lungs will once again re-unite. But thanks to vaping and e-cigs, they won’t.

Every person who smokes today wishes it would be easier to quit smoking than it really is. Nicotine patches never really worked as so many smokers were not really addicted to the nicotine, per say. They were addictive to the buzz of smoking. This meant what they missed when they had quit smoking was not so much the nicotine but the social gatherings in the smoking shed out in the car park at work or the smoke hut in the gardens of the country pub, where striking up conversation with a stranger was commonplace and the social aspect of smokers was rife.

This meant that wearing a nicotine patch would actually get the required dosage of the chemical into the blood stream but it would not substitute for all the other “pleasures” smoking offered. Many smokers would say they liked the fact they were doing something with their hands. Wearing a nicotine patch or taking tablets to quit smoking never really addressed these factors.

Vaping has now moved on and products like the Vapir Prima and Volcano Vaporizer are on the market to make vaping even trendier than it was before. The one thing they all have in common is they address the need of a smoker or vaper to do something with their hands.