How Vaporizers are Changing Pot Culture

 How Vaporizers are Changing Pot Culture

How vaporizers are changing pot culture?  Well, cannabis smokers of yesteryear have an indelible imprint on our minds – long hair, often bearded, a phat joint made from hurriedly assembled cigarette papers and spun into a “dovetail joint” as John Lennon once reminded us in his Glass Onion song. There are those of course that opted for the stronger hit and inhaled through a bong or a hookah pipe. But whatever their preference, most of us remember (or still indulge) the wicked weed smoking culture of our misspent youth. However, in recent years the culture of pot smoking has begun a kind of transformation.How Vaporizers are Changing Pot Culture

Studies have found that vaping is nowhere near as bad for you as smoking, whether it’s nicotine or cannabis. Some may have noticed how it is that these studies are quietly swept away in the back pages of some Marijuana Monthly or Weed Weekly magazine.

Pot smokers or medical marijuana users do tend to feel apprehensive about smoking but there is a change in the air. Medical marijuana users and potheads are slowly beginning to vape rather than sit around in some ring passing the bong and listening to the Grateful Dead. Don’t get me wrong, cannabis consumers still like to listen to unimaginably great music and get stoned, it’s just that nowadays one is more likely to see a vape pen, and an ingestion of pot while listening to Radiohead or the Manic Street Preachers.

Pot culture is changing and vape pens are at the forefront of that shift. If you want to vape and discover what the pot culture of tomorrow is going to be like, then why not give it a try? The decision you have to make is whether to have a desktop or a portable vaporizer.

Do not think that owning a desktop vaper is unhealthy and cumbersome in its sheer size and design. They make look big and gruesome but do you ever see a couple who own a house with a wine cellar being labelled as a pair of alcoholics? How Vaporizers are Changing Pot Culture

Portable vaping for new age stoners requires you to mill the cannabis weed into fine powder (use a grinder for this task), pour the powder into the heat chamber in the vape pen and allow around 40 seconds to heat up, then vape. Just remember if you are at a party or some barbecue, you may well be expected to pass it around the gathered crowd. And that’s how vaporizers are changing pot culture.

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Why Are Vaporizers Better?

Why Are Vaporizers Better?

Why are vaporizers better? Well, during a morning smoke break at a warehouse company I once worked for, I noticed a smoker wearing a plaster on his arm. I enquired what the injury was. He shocked me and told of his quest to try and quit smoking and the sticky plaster on his arm was actually a nicotine patch. My next question to him was obvious: why smoke when you have a nicotine patch?

why are vaporizers better?

One of the failings of the nicotine patch and the nicotine candy tablets, used to give a quitter a dose of the weed without the harmful smoke, is that it assumes smokers are addicted to nicotine like a junkie is addicted to heroin or cocaine – only it’s not quite as straightforward as that.


Often it is just the art of smoking and the associated habits connected to it that make smoking such a hard habit to break. Vape pens and portable vapes tick boxes that smokers have been asking for since the seventies, when smoking was first considered to harmful to health.

When I once asked an ex-smoker what she really missed about smoking, she surprised me by saying that it was not the nicotine or the cigarette but the socializing during the smokers’ break in the courtyard at work.

Often at most large companies there is a small group of smokers gathered discreetly at some outside walled area, far away from the healthy why are vaporizers better?non-smokers, who will puff away on the wicked weed, talk trot, gossip and bang the world to rights while the rest of the workforce get on with the daily grind and sneer their noses at the smell of tobacco on the breath upon your return to the desk.

Portable vaporizers are becoming a common sight in the workplace and the advantages of the vape pens are remarkable. Vaporizers pen users get to have a “smoke” or a vape, hear all the gossip and latest office news, enjoy the act of bringing a pen to the mouth and inhaling and still can return to the desks with no sneering dirty looks from the non-smoking lobby. You see, vape pens do not leave any nasty smells on your clothes or mouth and, moreover, they are a lot healthier for you than an ordinary cigarette.

Vape pens are also cheap as the ongoing cost of the device is considerably lower than a pack of 20 top-brand cigarettes, a lot less!  And this is why vaporizers are better!